Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Talk About Essential Oils

So you've probably noticed from some of my posts that I've started using Essential Oils. You might be wondering what they are or why I'm so crazy about them.

Basically essential oils are part of plants, it's their essence or the part essential for them to have life. We have 100 trillion cells in our bodies, but one drop of Essential Oil contains about 40 million-trillion molecules. That one drop has enough molecules to cover every cell in our body with 40,000 molecules. That makes them extremely unique. They can pass into our skin, to our blood, and into our brain. Just smelling them allows them to get into your bloodstream.

I started using them because nothing else was working on my sinus problems. I'm now using them to completely replace my medicine cabinet. They work quicker than medicine, and they have no negative side effects. Plus, because they are working on the cellular level, they actually work to CORRECT the problem rather than just cover it up!

Not only that, but as I learn more about them, I discovered they are actually Biblical. There are many references to oils in the Bible. Mark 6:13 references them when Jesus sends out his disciples and it says "they drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them." I think it's amazing that God created plants with these amazing healing powers knowing that we would be able to use them.

So what's in your medicine cabinet?

Essential oils can replace everything in this picture. They are good for pain, allergies, sleep, headaches, colds, sinuses, heartburn, and many other ailments. 

Let's look at peppermint essential oil for an example. This one oil helps with headaches, stomach aches, gas, diarrhea, nausea, inflammation, sinus problems, coughs, weight loss, and it's a great additive if you want to make your own toothpaste. These are all ways that I have used peppermint oil, but there are so many other uses for it as well. You can even use it in cooking!

It is important to note what kind of essential oils I use because there are different kinds. Most of the oils you find in stores are aroma or food grade. The kind of oil I'm talking about is Therapeutic Grade which means it has medicinal properties. It's more potent than what you will find in a store, and it's not diluted in any way.

Now that I've started using them, I LOVE them! I decided to become a distributor so that I don't have to pay for my oil addiction out of my own pocket. ;) 

So if you want to learn more about essential oils, or want to get your own, visit my website at cnbachus.wix.com/m613oils 

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