Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Homemade Remedy Gone Wrong

There are good things and bad things about home remedies. The plus is that you can get great results for cheap, and they are way healthier than the store or medicated alternatives.

The down side is that they don't always work the way you think they will...

I've heard that coconut oil is supposed to be a really good conditioner for your hair. I read a couple blogs that said for a deep conditioning treatment, to put it on your scalp and hair, and let it sit for an hour or more before washing out.

So I tried it. And my hair is shiny...but it's because I can't get the oil out!

No joke, I have washed my hair 5 times and can't get the coconut oil out! When my hair "dries" you can't even tell because it is so greasy, it still looks wet.

I've even tried putting lots of lemon essential oil in my hair to try and dry it out. But no luck.

Here's what my hair looks like this morning, and yes it's dry, no I didn't put anything else in it.

On the plus side, I could pull it off as styling it with gel to make it curly...No?

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